Further Information on Welsh Music

Below are links to various resources for and about Welsh classical music, including links to useful websites and books or journals; some of these are available openly online, others require Library access.  If you have suggestions to add to this, please let us know.

Libraries & archives  

National Library of Wales https://www.library.wales/ 
National Library of Wales: Welsh Music Archive https://www.library.wales/collections/learn-more/archives/the-welsh-music-archive 
Tŷ Cerdd Welsh Music Collection  https://www.tycerdd.org/welsh-music-collection 
Archives Hub  https://archiveshub.jisc.ac.uk/ 
RWCMD Library catalogue  https://www.rwcmd.ac.uk/student-life/library 
Bangor University Library https://www.bangor.ac.uk/library/ 
Bangor University Archive  http://calmview.bangor.ac.uk/Calmview/ 
Cardiff University Library https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/libraries 
Cardiff University Special Collections Archive https://www.cardiff.ac.uk/special-collections/explore 
International Music Score Publishing Library  https://imslp.org/wiki/Main_Page  

Other useful websites 

Tŷ Cerdd https://www.tycerdd.org/  
Gywnn Publishing https://www.gwynn.co.uk/  
Curiad Publications https://www.curiad.co.uk/en/  
Oriana Publications https://www.orianapublications.co.uk/  
Adlais Music Publishers http://www.adlaismusicpublishers.co.uk/  
National Library of Wales: Welsh Traditional Music https://www.library.wales/collections/learn-more/archives/the-welsh-music-archive/welsh-traditional-music  
National Library of Wales: Archives of Welsh Composers https://www.library.wales/collections/learn-more/archives/archives-of-welsh-composers  
National Library of Wales: Encore! Music in Wales exhibition https://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/archive/20080718084614/http://digidol.llgc.org.uk/METS/XCD00001/ardd?locale=en  
Dictionary of Welsh Biography https://biography.wales/  


Allsobrook, D. (1992) Music for Wales: Walford Davies and the National Council of Music, 1918-1941. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. 

ap Sion, P. & Thomas, W. (eds.) (2018) Cydymaith i Gerddoriaeth Cymru. Aberystwyth: Y Lolfa.  

Brown, J. D. (1897) British Musical Biography. Birmingham: Stratton. [Available at: https://imslp.org/wiki/British_Musical_Biography_(Stratton,_Stephen_Samuel)

Crossley-Holland, P. (ed.) (1948) Music in Wales. London: Hinrichsen Edition Ltd 

Parrott, I. (ed.) (1980) The Story of the Guild for the Promotion of Welsh Music. Dyfed: Salesbury Press Ltd.  

Smith, R. (ed.) (1981) The Seventh Catalogue of contemporary Welsh music. S.l.: Guild for the Promotion of Welsh Music. 

Stephens, M. (ed.) (1979) The Arts in Wales 1950-75. Cardiff: Arts Council of Wales. 

Williams, G. (1998) Valleys of Song: Music and Society in Wales 1840-1914. Cardiff: University of Wales Press 

Articles & Journals 


Published by the Centre for Advanced Welsh Music Studies, Bangor University [Available at: https://journals.library.wales/browse/1175725/]  


Published by the Welsh Music Guild, 1959-2009 [Available at: https://discover.library.wales/permalink/f/1norb00/44NLW_ALMA21767628630002419]  

A selection of articles can be found here: 

GROVE DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS (via subscription to Oxford Music Online) 

Lewis, G., Davies, L. & Kinney, P. (2001) Wales. [Available at: https://doi.org/10.1093/gmo/9781561592630.article.41108